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About Ashley Rand

Where does "Through The Pines Photography" come from?

Driving down the roads of New England you pass some of the most majestic views, and I love living here.

It's much more than that to someone who rides a motorcycle. It's the open road, turns and twists along a river through the mountians, the wind blowing on your face, the warm sunshine. For myself and other motor enthusaists, it's when we feel most relaxed and alive. I believe that there is nothing more beautiful than the sleek body of a bike, no better feeling than that power of the motor in your hands... being a photographer, having the ability to capture that is truly priceless.

I love to capture the finer things in life.

Whether it's falling in love and being your silly selves during an engagement shoot, saying "I do" to your soul mate, fighting butterflies and baby kicks at a maternity session, or seeing your beautiful product of love for the first time. I want to capture those breath taking moments to last you a lifetime and for future generations.

Aside from my motorcycle obsession, I have other passions. My wild sons, wonderful husband, family, home, the American dream. Those precious moments that only last for a split second. At the end of the day that's all we have; photographs and memories with those we love and cherish. My goal is to share my gift of taking fine photographs for others to enjoy. To me, it's so rewarding to see how much everyone treasures their photos. I put my heart into every session as if I was capturing my own family or friends.

I'm a proud wife and mother to our beautiful sons Robert Junior and Jameson Corbin. 

I'm a wedding, portrait and motorcycle photographer, but I really have no limits with what I can do with a camera or design.

I love our Lab/Hound mix pups: Hank & Kip.

I'm from Wolfeboro NH.

I went to Plymouth State University for a year for art and criminal justice, where I learned my love for photography. I had no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up. Somehow I couldn't keep the camera out of my hands. That's when I transferred. 

I graduated with the class of 2009 at the Hallmark Institute of Photography.

I've had a photo booth for Bike Week at Wiers Beach, NH where I have taken some amazing photos and met some awesome people.

You can always find me at lakes region bridal shows including at Church Landing, The Margate, Hobbs Tavern, and Castle in the Clouds. I have been the photographer for Lakes region Bride for the last six years and you can always find my work published in their magazine.

These are some of my favorite things:

Spending time with my boys, motorcycles, fishing with my husband, our two lab/hound pups, graphic design, going to a metal show to rock out, swimming early in the morning with the loons, weightlifting, coffee, mojitos, tattoos, Fall and cooking. Not in any particular order.

My prefered vendor list:

Sheena Harte Event Planner 603-986-5525 Showcase Events Rentals & Planning

Cathy Borger 603-764-9491 Borger's Cakes & Bakes

The Farmhouse Cupcakery

Meredith Carver 603-498-5469 Riverstone Florals & Design 

Winni Woods Farm (603) 855-2093

Debbie at Silver Lake Floral Design (603) 569-8463

Magic Foods Catering 603-707-6929 

Nazzy Entertainment DJ's (603) 965-6200


Ashlie Kidder for Hair 603-986-1514 


Bethany Anne Beauty 603-707-2397

Justice of the Peace Stevi 774-402-4791

"If you surrender to the wind, you can ride it."

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